A greener healthier Camden

Cleaner air, healthier people. Work out a solution to minimise air pollution. The dust in the air is way too much.

Greener places, happier people. (CCTV to prevent target and prevent dog-fauls (more dog bins too), people who abandon litter on the street, grants to create more greener "corners" (funded by local businesses) and similar.

More environment awareness and respect, more sustainable and cost effective future. (Educational workshops to teach how the environment can be preserved, improved and enjoyed).

A booklet (made of recycled paper) listing everything Camden has to offer (where things are located, when they are open, who to speak to) should be provided to every household in Camden. Informations are usually scattered in countless leaflets and they often don't reach out to potential users.

Why the contribution is important

It is important because is meant to ease and improve people's quality of life, cut time and resources wastage.

by CapitAle on January 09, 2018 at 09:57PM

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