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A lot of older residents live in 1950's/60's council property which do not have lift access. Camden needs to address this situation as a matter of urgency. To not address this issue will result in tens of hundreds of residents becoming housebound and needing care in future years. To address this issue now will save the council and taxpayer a large care bill in the not to distant future, unless of course Camden is able to provide ground floor and other lifted properties for all the ageing residents in the future.


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If this issue is not addressed then when the inevitable happens you will be denying thousands of residents access to the local community,isolating older residents which in turn will create more mental health problems, physical health problems, cost to the public purse, cost to the local community and reputational damage for Camden.

by Groovy on December 02, 2017 at 05:46PM

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  • Posted by CouncillorDannyBeales December 26, 2017 at 16:52

    We currently require homes to be build at lifetime standards, and Camden builds 10% of homes as fully wheelchair accessible. Is there more you think we should be doing?

    We know that often older residents live in large homes. And at hit same time many thousands of families are overcrowded. Is there more we can do to encourage downsizing to help residents have a property suitable to get older in - whilst also giving a family a larger home?

    Cllr Danny Beales
  • Posted by Groovy February 04, 2018 at 12:19

    Your response highlights the main problem '10% of current homes'. Many of 50s/60's built blocks have no lift and a lot of ageing residents who have lived there for decades. I know that Camden don't feel that they have an obligation to install any means for residents to get up the stairs because they don't have to provide disabled access in residential communal areas apart from new builds! shortsighted and foolish!
    It is well known that we have an ageing population and little resources but this problem is being ignored...ignoring it will save money now, but what about in 5, 10 or 15 years, when people are housebound or who are already housebound?. How much does this and will this cost? A whole lot more than addressing the issue now and looking at installing means to get up stairs.
    Serious discussions need to be had, based on reality not decisions based on financial short termism....I have personal experience of this...happy to contact you directly if you'd like a further discussion...
    Also, not all older residents live in large homes? not where I live?...downsizing would be easier with my points above...most older people I know(including myself) wouldn't feel safe on ground floors, again my points above...the issues are interconnected...want loads of residents to downsize..then make all your blocks disabled and elder friendly, this will make more homes available and people will have more choice...limit the choices and limit people moving...Camden, you can't have everything..
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