Bins should be clearly "rubbish" or "recycling"

Many parts of Camden only have recycling bins outside blocks (the big black "Mix it up" bins) and no rubbish bins nearby.  The recycling bins therefore get filled up with all rubbish, whether it's recycling or waste, and contaminated so that the recycling can't be recycled because it's filled with food waste etc.  Blocks should have two bins next to each other, one for recycling and one for waste, with very large signs on them to advise which one is which, so that the recycling is not contaminated.

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Currently the recycling bins are full of waste and so much of the contents then can't be recycled as the rubbish needs to be taken out.  By having more "rubbish" bins, people who are careless with their waste will hopefully use those bins, and those of us who make the effort to recycle will be able to do so in the recycling bins knowing that they have a better chance of being recycled as they're less likely to be contaminated with regular waste.

by fg on November 14, 2017 at 11:24AM

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  • Posted by antihorder January 19, 2018 at 20:04

    Also why on earth are businesses and residents being told to put their rubbish on the street without being in a bin? We have a rat problem (and foxes) and it seems unhygenic as well as unsightly.
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