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Camden does not have enough council homes which has been made worse by selling them off for a fast buck in recent years. Priority should be given to grown up children of tenants and care leavers so they don't have to move away. 

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Because young people who were brought up in the borough cannot afford to stay as they have no chance of renting their own place. 

by Flamingo on November 06, 2017 at 10:57PM

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  • Posted by eleanor123 November 08, 2017 at 09:43

    The speculative house-building industry which we rely on to produce the homes we need is not capable (and it would be contrary to their business model) of producing the houses in the volumes required. There needs to be a significant increase in alternative streams of provision, and building more Council houses must be part of that. Local authorities should not only build Council houses/flats but housing for sale/market rent, buying land, granting themselves planning permission and using the uplift/profit for the public good/infrastructure.
  • Posted by Charine November 15, 2017 at 13:15

    We need more council homes!!! Families are being broken by the failure of the Council to provide homes so that people can stay within their communities or even close to their families/networks. I know that the sales of council housing stock cannot be prevented but we are nowhere near close to replacing the lost stock with affordable social housing. This has to be a priority, because the penalties and consequences of the failure to provide social housing are costly and likely to be felt for generations to come - not just broken families and communities but increased crime and other social 'ills' like addiction and health breakdown. Far too much onus is spent on encouraging the buying of council or ex-council stock. Great for profiteers and high earners - not so good for those who just want a decent place to live.
  • Posted by CouncillorDannyBeales December 26, 2017 at 16:58

    Thanks - I agree! We do need more genuinely affordable homes in Camden. We have built the first council homes in decades in Camden. Along with genuinely affordable Camden Living Rent homes (for key workers and residents who wont qualify for council homes - like sons and daughters of council tenants - but cant afford to live here otherwise).

    Unfortunately Camden's facing significant funding restrictions that limit how many we can build at one time - such as a borrowing cap from Goverment.

    We would like to hear thoughts about what residents think we should do to overcome this? Should we build smaller homes? Build higher? Increase the supply of Camden Living Rent homes? Build more private homes to pay for more council homes? These are just a few options - but we welcome as many suggestions as possible.
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