Electric car charging on our streets

Vehicles are the biggest cause of air pollution in Camden. Whilst encouraging more people to walk and cycle in the borough is to be supported, it is true to say some personal and business journeys require a car, van, or motorbike. Technological advances in electric vehicles and their reducing price mean vehicles do not need to cause air pollution. Problem solved? Well it is not that simple.


The vast majority of parking in Camden is on-street; therefore most residents are unable to charge an electric car from their homes. Currently there are nowhere near enough publicly available charging points in the Borough. This is a major barrier to using electric vehicles and will discourage people to replacing their polluting petrol and diesel cars.


Air pollution has a significant impact on public health and accounts for around 9,400 premature deaths in London each year, affecting the health of many more with asthma, hay fever and other conditions. Camden should encourage electric car usage by aiming to have electric car charging points on at least 50% of all roads in the Borough by 2025. This will not require roads or pavements to be dug up, as street lamps can be adapted for car charging.


Council finances are naturally always an issues; funding this very beneficial initiative to tackle air pollution in the Borough could be done through increasing the cost of Residents parking permits so only those able to afford a car will pay for it. Air pollution in Camden will likely get worse in the coming years with the influx of HS2 construction traffic. We need help, there is a solution; Camden Council can make a difference and indeed could lead by example in London by getting polluting vehicles off our streets. Making the air our children breathe, and the air in our schools, homes and street better for all. 

Why the contribution is important

Vehicles are the biggest cause of air pollution in Camden, which affects the health and wellbeing of everyone particularly the young, old and vulnerable. This is solvable problem, electric and plug-in hybrid cars are the answer. Camden needs ample publically available charging points to make this happen!

by Colesy on February 08, 2018 at 11:40PM

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