Electric Meters to be placed in Tenants flats

Move residents/tenants Electric meters to their own property and not keep them behind lock and key in boiler room that tenants are not allowed to go into as with North Gower Street.  

At the minute Camden council say the meters are the responsibility of the Electric Company.  If they don't get the key from Camden council you can be left for a year not knowing what your electric meter reading is and then get a large bill.  This is not a good solution for any tenant in Social housing that are more than likely on a small income.

I thought a smart meter would sort out this problem but alas it won't as the reader placed in the flat will no communicate correctly with the meter as I was advised by my electric company.

Also at North Gower Street you are unable to check to ever see if the meter reading is correct.  I was able to check mine about 7 years ago.  I have tried endlessly to get this matter resolved via the Council, my electric provider and even got the Citizens advice and my MP involved.

The same issues keep raising again and again.  



Why the contribution is important

To enable all tenants the right to read their own electric meters. Also to stop the hassel this causes tenants as they are left in the middle between Camden Counil and their energy provider and one seems to blame the other.

by kieran257 on December 15, 2017 at 03:40AM

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