Homelessness is out of control

Create more treatment programs and living spaces for homeless and vulnerable people

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There has always been homelessness, begging, drug taking and prostitution in Camden but it did improve in Kings Cross at first, now it is getting worse again. People are regularly camped out on Grays Inn road and along the canal. Something needs to be done so these people are given the support they need to get off drugs/alcohol/prostitution and into homes. I know it must the cuts to policing, treatment programs, hostel/housing but it is heartbreaking to have people asking for money all the time knowing they are so vulnerable (like a teenage girl the other day sitting on the cold floor with no coat). The Mayor says he's tackling this but how? I see nothing getting better. Just because we live in the centre near clubs, bars and train stations doesn't mean we have to put up with the antisocial behaviour that comes with this. We have to get police to kick people out of our flats who are taking drugs or sleeping in our bike shed and I had my bike stolen from there. too.

by antihorder on January 19, 2018 at 07:55PM

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