Incentivise people to litter pick

The general idea, I have borrowed from Sweden - is to offer cash incentives for people who recycle. 

The money involved is nominal (and priced so as to be cost-effective) but essentially turns anybody into litter pickers. 

It has been extremely effective in Sweden, and it offers a way for homeless/jobless people to spend a few hours helping the community, and earning some money in the meantime.

Why the contribution is important

In Sweden, anyone can earn money by picking up litter and taking it to a recycling plant. The program encourages people to recycle (good), allows anyone to make a bit of money (good) and keeps the streets/parks clean (also good). 

The 'broken window' effect is well documented, if you clean up the streets and parks, then people will feel more obliged to keep them clean. 

Plus there is a real need in Camden to offer solutions to the jobless/homeless people - which this does too. 

by Patricke on November 13, 2017 at 12:17PM

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  • Posted by secnw3 January 08, 2018 at 11:17

    My family regularly pick up stray items, and quarterly do a clean of the canal from Kentish town to Kings cross to make the area nicer and remove plastics frm the environment. People are often encouraged seeing this but a small incentive could help more people undertake these voluntary actions. If not financial rewards then good citizen points and awards
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