Increase activities for teenagers

Increase social activities for teenagers givening them a chance to be involved and contribute to the community, meet other teenagers in different situations and increase lifelong skills.

e.g. urban gardening of open spaces, clean up the canal, volunteering projects, team challenge events, free dances, music or live events aimed at young teenagers, grafitti areas, skate board areas, games nights or social clubs in community centres. Free skill classes for older teenagers using local volunteering tradespeople (how to use tools, basic carpentry, painting and decorating etc.). 

Why the contribution is important

 I feel that teenagers potentially get pushed towards low achievement, unemployment, crime, drug/alcohol use and a disconnect to community due to a lack of confidene,  skills or potential and enough community activities to get them involved in life. I also feel if we encourage and promote teenagers in to projects, this can filter down to younger children and potentially parents to be involved. 

by Tahlecion on November 15, 2017 at 09:10AM

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