Integration of cultures

To have 'community panels' in each area, consisting of different nationalities and cultures. The panel could decide local initiatives dependant on need to find ways of engaging residents to build communities together rather than the seperatist cultures we have at the moment. 

To make English classes available and compulsory otherwise how can there be 'community' which in turn ends isolation and loneliness?

Why the contribution is important

Multi culturalism needs to be addressed. Communities from overseas tend to stick together and show no interest in becoming part of the community that they have moved into.This has resulted in the fragmentation of our communities, causing isolation for some. I have personal experience of trying to engage residents from overseas to become part of the community on my estate, but there is no interest. Lack of English speaking skills also presents a problem. If you want cohesive communities where people arn't excluded then there has to be a common bond, language and responsibility. I feel that this issue is being ignored for fear of  seeming 'racist'. However it is a very real issue that needs addressing. "Tower of Babel" creates isolation and loneliness..

by Groovy on December 10, 2017 at 10:26AM

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