Outstanding schools across the borough for all

Increase the number of primary and secondary school places across the borough but particularly in under-represented areas, inc. West Hampstead, which has a huge problem with children not being made offers at any local schools. 



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All citizens of Camden should have the same opportunity to attend an outstanding school, regardless of background or socio-economic group. Currently, there are too few schools in Camden for the number of children of school age. The borough needs to take this problem seriously. Those schools which do ahve spaces available are not of a good standard. Why would anyone want to disadvantage their child (from getting the best start in life) by sending them to a grade 3 school?

It's important that children should be able to attend school in their own neighbourhood (within a 5-10 minute walk from home) and not have to traverse the borough by train/bus for over 30 minutes in order to attend school. This would help with them to buidl and maintain friendships with lcoal children and families and for parents to develop relationships with class-mate families to enable them to help one another out with afterschool care and pick-ups/drop-offs, all of which makes a working parent's life much easier.

However, it's common practise to see children on public transport coming to an area to go to school, while children from that area (or even the streeet where the school is) are not granted a place at the school. This system is ridiculous for many reasons but not least because it discourages community building when a child cannot attend school with their neighbours. 


by ashleighrodrigues on November 22, 2017 at 01:45PM

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  • Posted by antihorder January 19, 2018 at 20:02

    Yes my daughter had to go to school in Islington with none of her primary school friends. All her secondary school friends lived in Hackney or Haringey which was too far to socialise. All the teenagers in Kings Cross go to different schools and although there has been a campaign for a school in the south of camden the sites were all dismissed. Making Regents High larger was not the answer as it was already an intimidating size for an 11yr old to come to and didn't get great results. How is it that Camden School for Girls has such high results and is impossible to get in to and other schools in the borough are failing? It is not equal and I believe it would've been better to build another secondary school instead of a primary here. We have many good primaries already but those children cannot go to school with their friends once they transition and unless they have parents who can afford to move close to a 'good or outstanding' school or get a tutor they risk losing there education.
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