Portal for submitting photos of possible crime

Outside my flat, there is regular drug dealing and Anti-social Behaviour. There should be an online portal where residents can submit photos / video to help police and Camden investigate issues such as drug dealing, theft, ASB and crime.



Why the contribution is important

1) Police budget and manning levels are being reduced. However this will enable all residence to be the eyes and ears of the police and help police compile data and evidence on potential criminal activity. If particular areas are regularly being reported at certain times, then the police can target their prescence.

2) Since most people have a smart-phone in their pocket, it effectively increases the number of CCTV cameras, without having to actually install more CCTV.

3) It enables residence who see problems to actively take part in improving the situation

4) If a crime has been committed, it will enable police to review records to see if there was any resident complaints are linked.

by Ryno on November 06, 2017 at 09:18AM

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  • Posted by Rae_E January 16, 2018 at 14:43

    Including traffic and parking infractions. Eg buses and vans that block off crossing places where waiting at lights - impossible to anyone to see if the 'little green man' is showing; and impossible for wheelchairs or pushchairs to cross.
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