Prevent flytipping on private estates by reinforcing penalties

We all know that flytipping is a pest to all of us.  Bulky household items or rubbish, business waste, construction and home improvement rubbish and so on, are frequently left at public sidewalks and even on roads.  There are many instances where flytippers targetting council estates with recycling points or hidden spaces to dump their rubbish at the cost of the estate residents.

We need to do more to target these people as well as businesses and prevent this from happening by penilising them.

In some countries, beside rubbish tips, they have designated areas and times to dispose of rubbish whereby the local authorities organise the pick up on the day.  (Veolia in Camden could be used.)

Why the contribution is important

It costs us to all to deal with rubbish.

by CamdenResident on January 17, 2018 at 05:27PM

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