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Recycling bins on estates that are disabled/age friendly!!

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Lots of residents don't recycle on estates because the bins are impossible to use if you have any type of disability or are of an age where you are not strong enough to use these bins. I have contacted Camden countless times regarding this issue but it falls on deaf ears....but Camden stills goes on about how important recycling is....well deal with this need to be able bodied and strong to use the recycling bins. Our estate rubbish bins are overflowing with rubbish that could be recycled, why arn't you addressing this issue?

by Groovy on December 10, 2017 at 10:35AM

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  • Posted by laetitiaG January 17, 2018 at 14:09

    I fully agree! I am a "young" resident and still struggle to use the recycling bins...Half the time the "normal" entry is too small to put your rubbish through it so you have to lift the whole top, which is super heavy! (when it is not locked and you are left with the option to put out of your recycling bag every item separately...)
    And while we are at it, how come you only have very seldom food bins (not at every recycling bin location)..They are as big as the other ones (but are often empty because not many people recycle) when they should be smaller but on every block of flat so that people don't have to walk 10 minutes to put their rubbish away. Food bins are often fragile (the bag is thin), sometimes leaky, and most people abandon the idea because it means walking in the rain, or in the cold etc.
    If you want people to change, make it easy. Put a small food bin in every building!
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