Restore police services

Like most problems, there are many root causes.  Let's be honest:  one reason why people feel less safe in Camden can be partly attributed to the ever declining number of police walking - or even driving through - our neighbourhoods, let alone investigating and tracking down crimes already committed.  I recognise that modern technology and processes mean we don't need as many officers as, say, 50 years ago.  But police cuts have gotten to the point where you never see police unless there has been a crime committed or an accident.  And the police's own statistics show that they respond to only a fraction of non-violent crimes like break-ins.  That doesn't seem right...every person who has suffered a crime should have the right to a proper police meeting and investigation.


Why the contribution is important

Most if not all societal problems have many causes and thus many solutions.   I'm not advocating a 'police state' but I believe strongly that the reduction in police forces has gone way too far.  I'm also not saying that my idea will solve this problem.

by FortuneBO on November 18, 2017 at 08:15AM

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