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My idea is that Camden should provide (and promote the provision of) Council and Private Retirement Flats and Care Homes in Fitzrovia so that elderly residents of this area do not have to move away when they become too frail to stay in their flats.  One pathway towards such provision could be that Camden would enter into a partnership with McCarthy and Stone or another provider of Retirement Flats.

Until Camden can provide elderly accommodation in the Camden part of Fitzrovia, Camden could enter into a reciprocal arrangement with Westminster that would allow Camden Fitzrovia residents to apply to rent sheltered flats in Westminster's 'Fitzrovia Court'.

Why the contribution is important

Fitzrovia is home to a lot of people.  I have lived here for more than 40 years.  When residents of Fitzrovia reach old age some of them need to move out of their homes and there is nowhere local for them to go so they have to move right out of the area and I have seen this cause them great anguish as they near at the end of their lives.  So this suggestion is about providing solutions to save them that distress.

A good spinoff would be that older people who want to downsize, and take responsibility for managing their old age, could more easily leave their large flats for young families to occupy.  It could also help reduce Camden's Social Services bill.

The current planning process might never throw up Retirement Flats or a Care Home in Fitzrovia.  That is why it would need to be part of Camden's 2025 Plan.

Although I am writing about Fitzrovia these ideas may apply to many other parts of Camden.


by Frances on October 30, 2017 at 04:29PM

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  • Posted by Rae_E January 16, 2018 at 14:45

    Not just for Council tenants but for private renting tenants too - when we can no longer cope with stair (or rent increases) we will be stuck.
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